Monday, March 14, 2011

Character Investment

Do you have a backstory for your main? Is your toon anything more to you than a pile of pixels? I’m an old school D&D player, well I actually started with AD&D 2nd edition but you can blame that on my age, so I can’t help but make up a backstory for just about every character I play. Here are a few hints to help you flesh out your avatar a little more.  
If you haven’t I recommend you take a moment to make up a few character facts about your toon. Here are some questions that can help you get a handle on your avatar.

Why is your character a <insert class here>?
Are you a deceased paladin who lost the light in death but was granted power by the Lich King? Did you from a young age feel the call of the Elements? Are you a pious scholar who fell and embraced the way of the shadow?

How does your character interact with other people?
Are you a righteous crusader being kind to the less fortunate or maybe a power hungry arcanist with dreams of world domination. Do you have friends or pawns?

Does your avatar have family?
Is there anything binding you to Azeroth. Do you have kids? Parents? It goes farther than just familial relationships. Are there human (or orc, dwarf, troll etc...) that give you a stake in the future of Azeroth.

These are just a few starter questions to get you thinking about your character and how he fits into the world... of warcraft. You don't have to be a hardcore roleplayer or even a roleplayer at all to flesh out your character a bit. With just a little thought you can really enrich your time in WoW. Giving your avatar a little personality helps create an emotional connection that can make your triumphs sweeter and your setbacks more motivational.

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