Thursday, March 10, 2011

Telluric Currents and You!

We had our first raid last week, Magmaw in BWD died a well deserved death, and I went into it with a 7/2/32 TC spec, While passive mana regen is a little lower the boost you can get during the exposed head phase of Magmaw is amazing.

Between Mana Tide, Water Shield procs and Telluric Currents mana regen was not a problem in this fight. The spec was tailor made for a TC spec but how does the talent stand up to fights where you don't have a double damage, no raid damage burn phase? While I don't have another boss to compare it to I took TC into a few heroics and it performed admirably. With a heroic geared tank and decently skilled dps you can weave in a Lightning Blot or two into your "rotation." Before my TC spec I was clocking in around 35% mana or lower at the end of most boss fights now I'm ending fights with 50%+ in comparable gear.

The drawbacks to the spec seem to be that it's somewhat inflexible. If you're constantly casting heals there's no room for a little lightning and regen. The spec is highly dependent on the skill level of your dps and tanks. Despite this drawback I still highly recommend it. I'll be providing a more in-depth analysis in a couple of weeks when I can gather more raid data.

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