Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What Competes For Your WoW Time?

Most of us have lives on the other side of monitor’s liquid crystal glow. WoW, being an mmo, takes a considerable investment of that most precious non-renewable resource – time. With so much to do in a day and only 16-20 hours (depending on your sleeping habits) to get it done how do you decide what gets your attention?

Here's a quick view of my average schedule:

7:00am - Drag my lazy butt out of bed
8:00am - Show up at work - Do IT stuff
5:00pm - Go home - Scream a stupid drivers
5:30pm - Cook dinner for me and the preggo wife
6:30pm - Feed the puppy and take her out side for "potties"
7:00pm - Log on to WoW if conditions permit(raid on wednesday, thursday, sometimes friday)
10:00pm - Log off, maybe catch a shower,
10:30ish - Sleep time

As you can see I've got about 3 hours per day for WoW if there's nothing more important to do. Spending time with the wife and trying to keep our home from looking like a pigsty all take precedence over WoW. It just goes to show that maximizing time in WoW for me is of utmost importance.


  1. 4:00am wakeup
    4:30am go to work
    5:00am work out
    6:00am read emails
    6:30am - 5:00pm - work
    6:00pm get home, feed cats, eat dinner
    7:00pm WoW
    9:00pm bedtime

    Weekends...lotsa WoW

  2. 4am! /respectknuckles

    I'd really like to get my sleeping time down to 5-6 hours, it's just really hard to make that initial adjustment.


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