Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Limited Time Only: Crafting on a Time Budget

Alchemy, Jewelcrafting, Blacksmithing and more! Most folks enjoy the crafting in WoW. It may be a little simplistic compared to some other mmo's but therein lies its beauty. For the gamer on the go crafting is one of the easiest things to let fall by the wayside but I'm here to tell you brothers and sisters that it can be leveled! I want you to raise your hands to the auction house, click on the link below, and read yourself into levelling that profession!

Okay well maybe that was a bit of an exaggeration. I can help you with some tips to level your professions efficiently but I don't have a miracle instant to 525 plan for ya. No matter what you are going to have a bit of a grind here and there but hopefully I can help take some of the edge off it.

The Golden Path

Crafting takes time and anyone who talked to a goblin over the past few years knows that time is money. If we break it down time=crafting... money=time so therefore money=crafting. The most time efficient way to level your professions is with money. With enough gold you can go from 0-525 in no time flat. There are tons of people out there right now, including yours truly, making a mint of people who just want to buy their mats and finish off their profs. If you've got the gold and don't mind spending it this is the way to go.

The Patient Professor

This is my chosen path. Right now mats are going for soooooo much that I'm farming, selling the mats and biding my time to level my professions... well except for Mining/JC on my shaman... oh and Herbing/Inscrip on my Druid... oh yeah and Alchemy on my DK. Crap. I realize I lost a lot of cash leveling those but oh well. I guess I should say that this is the way I would go if I had the self-discipline to sell the mats and not mill those tasty tasty herbs. I've sold quite a bit and the money is good. If you don't mind waiting a bit to level you can make a killing and then when prices go down buy enough to level and still make a profit with minimal effort and time spent on farming. For example: If Elementium Ore is going for 200g per stack but eventually drops to 100g per stack then each stack of Elementium Ore that you mine and sell is worth 2 stacks in the long run. You can see the time return pretty plainly.

The Standard Method

There's nothing wrong with the good ol' farm and level approach. It's not nearly as time efficient as the other two but if you don't feel like waiting for a bit to level your professions and you don't have a big bank roll then it's really your only option. Unless you have a smaller sibling or a young child that you can force to farm for you in a sweat shop like environment. This is basically farm,craft, go to the trainer, repeat until 525. Unless you're at least level 84 you won't be able to do this with BS, Eng, LW, Ench, or Tailoring due to your high end recipes being in Twilight Highlands. If you're a JC you're bottlenecked by the daily but I was able to burn Alch and Inscription up to max relatively quickly.

Tips for a Crafting Empire

If you're anything like me you're not satisfied with just a few professions. You want to be able to make it all! I've got all professions except for Leatherworking, Tailoring and Enchanting at least to 450. The trick for me has been making sure I level my gatherers first. Once they get to max level and can terrorize the countryside with their fearsome flower picking it's a snap to either make the money to buy materials or farm and send them to my alts. Druids make awesome farm toons btw.

I hope you enjoyed a few tips for saving some time while bumping your crafting. As always please feel free to email me at

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