Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Off Topic Tuesday: Eeep! Other Games!

Most of us play games other than WoW. I've been a gamer since my parents bought an Atari 2600 when I was 5ish. I went through console gaming as a child and as a teen moved more towards PC games. From King's Quest to the original Fallout I loved them all. My most heinous addiction, as covered here, was Starcraft. There was just something about crushing aliens under my boot heel that kept me huddled before a giant CRT monitor in a darkened dorm room.

I've found to avoid burn out it's necessary to cleanse the palate, so to speak, with other games. How effective is your time in WoW going to be if you have no desire to play? Also it's patch Tuesday and people who aren't at work need something to do to kill time until the servers come back up. Here are a few recommendations for spending a little game time outside of WoW. Don't worry... it's not really cheating if the games are in a different genre.

Fallout: New Vegas

In my heart there are room for many games but the very top of my heart, I think that's where the aorta is, is where the truly fabulous franchises live. There are a limited number of spots and sometimes games get bumped and tossed down to the ventricles. The Fallout franchise sits next to Starcraft at an almost equal level. I remember playing the first one in my room with the volume off because there were curse words in it. I've blown children to hell with hand grenades while saving the world from crazy former governments and other such threats. From Fallout to New Vegas I've played and loved them all.

New Vegas is the most recent offering and I gobbled it up like a fat kid at a twinkie convention. Like any good indulgence it is best savored slowly but I couldn't help myself and almost choked on its post-apocalyptic filled center(that's right I'm stickin' with the twinkie analogy!) It's got solid gameplay, good story and enough extra crap to keep you entertained for hours. I highly recommend picking it up on the PC as there are a ton of good mods for it as well.

Starcraft II

My precious... My precious... *hiss* We loves it don't we! Yes yes we do. Okay... sorry... got a little carried away there. If you liked Starcraft then you'll love 2. If you didn't like Starcraft then you won't... plain and simple. The game is very well made and 100% worth the price of admisson but it is just more of the same ol' Starcraft formula so if you're looking for innovation in RTS this is not your game. Fortunately it's not as mind-blowingly awesome as the first one was when it was released so my current status as an employed non-divorcee is firmly intact.

Those are two big name games I heartily endorse. There are also a ton of indie games that are well worth playing. World of Goo, Braid, Minecraft, and Super Meat Boy will all rock you hard in that special place. Most of these games, and many others, can be acquired for a pittance from the good folks at Steam. Steam is also in the middle of a huge holiday sale at the moment and there are some deals that will blow your poop-place out as soon as you see them. Just in case I've been vague... Steam is amazing.

If you have a hankering for some old school PC gaming then look no further than GoG or Good old Games as the youngsters are callin' it. I've bought enough stuff from them to fill a small country with ones and zeros. The content  is all top notch old school games. They have the original Fallout series, Baldur's Gate series, Neverwinter Nights(The good one), and a whole slew of other ol' timey favorties. The best part about this place is it's 100% DRM free. It's so free of DRM that DRM is scared to go close to it. I watched it stab DRM in the face during a fight.

Well that'll wrap things up for now. My lunch break is almost over and I have computers to fix. Have a good patch Tuesday everyone.

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