Thursday, December 30, 2010

Classy Thursdays: Levelling a Shaman Part II

Part 2 of the ongoing series for leveling an elemental/resto shaman from 80-85. The views and opinions expressed here are my own and do not reflect the views and opinions of... well... anyone really. Have a good time and please keep all hands, feet, and chinticles inside the car at all times.


I was lvl 84 by the time I finished Deepholm so I skipped straight past Uldum and went to the Twilight Highlands. I would recommend doing this if you're speed levelling. However, if you want to experience some of the most fun, and funny, quests in the game this is the place to be.

I don't know if it's bugged or not but the quest you get from the Hero's Call board in SW says you can go to whatiznuts cave from the Earthen Ring island where all the ports are. I have found this to be untrue. I had to fly to BB, boat to Ratchet and fly to Tanaris. After that bit of butt-pain I found the caravan and made my way in.

The zone starts with laughs and doesn't really let up. I don't think they ever approach anything really serious here. The Ramhaken are such a foreign race that we don't really connect with them even when the SHTF. They're giant Catataurs for cryin' out loud. I never really felt like they were in any danger they couldn't get themselves out of. As far as comedy goes I'll say one word; Gnomebliteration. Do that quest and you will feel like the happiest psycho this side of the crazy train.

The Harrison Jones stuff I have done so far has been funny and tugged at the old "Indy" heart strings. Harrison himself is a well done homage with enough of his own personality to make sure he's not a 100% clone. I won't spoil anything but this is definitely worth your time, although if you're going for pure speed this can be skipped until you're ready to come back and savor it.

Twilight Highlands:

TH, as the kids are calling it these days, is where you're bound to end up near the end of your levelling journey. It's a very well put together zone and, although they drag on near the end, the quest chains are great. From the Alliance side you have the Wildhammer dwarves. They're essentially a bunch of four foot tall rowdy shamanistic gryphon-flying Scottish highlanders. My favorite quest chain, the dwarf wedding, is here and worth every second spent doing it.

As with Deepholm this zone has dailies after you complete certain quests. The Wildhammer dailies are fun and go relatively quickly. At revered they have a nice elemental helm for us that can also be reforged to function as a resto piece. The grind to revered doesn't take long at all as the quests you do to open the dailies also provide a good chunk of rep.

One of the key features of Twilight Highlands is that it is home to the recipe vendors for BS,Eng, LW, Tailoring and Enchanting. There's also a vendor that sells limited supply items used by Scribes to make relics. Until you reach 84 and finish the initial quests that open up the first town you can't really max out any of these professions.

This area is thick with mining nodes and probably the best place, aside from Tol Barad, to find Pyrite. Elementium abounds and the zone can support several miners farming at once. Be aware that some of the nodes around Twilight Precipice have phasing problems with nodes. As you approach the node it will phase out and you won't be able to tap it. When you fly back up to continue on your merry way it will disappear again and remain ever unreachable. For Herbalists this is the only place you can find Twilight Jasmine, a key ingredient in many Alchemy recipes.

I was going to break down some of the quest/rep rewards but it seems there's rather a lot of it and that's worthy of its own guide. Look for a gear guide within the next couple of days.

If you're going to be dungeoning see if you can pick up some old Flask of Pure Mojo. If you can't it's no big deal but they're handy to have. It's been a while since we leveled up so here's a few reminders

  • Empty your bags as much as possible
  • Stock up on food/water
  • Bandages Bandages
  • Any flasks/elixirs you can get "fo' cheap"
  • Doritos
  • Beer

All of these are available at

VuhDo - My preferred healing program. It requires more system resources than healbot or grid+clique but I like the options it brings to the table

Bartender - Move your bars... it's awesome!

Gatherer - Tracks nodes for you on the minimap

Deadly Boss Mods - Good to the last heroic boss ability

Sexymap - Lots of ways to move/customize your map

TomTom - A little movable TomTom arrow for your next objective or custom waypoint. Very useful.

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