Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Fun Time: Hippies

Welcome to Friday Fun Time. There are no serious topics here. Frivolity will reign supreme! Today's topic is which class do you think is more of a hippie, Shamans or Druids?

My shaman is 85 and my druid is 84. I was doing some crafting last night and switching between the two when I suddenly wondered... which one is more hippie like? My druid's all in to nature and stuff and is "like one with the animals bro." My shaman also loves him some nature, has a mana-bong(see mana tide totem), and he has his own "spirit animal."

As I devoted way too much thought to this topic I wracked my brain to hop in to my character's shoes. Here's what my sleep deprived brain came up with:

Cthulhus(My Shaman):

Jack: Heya C how's life man?
Cthulhus: It's good broski. Just sitting here tossin' out lightning bolts.
Jack: So I was wondering are you like some kind of hippie?
Cthulhus: No way dude! I'm a giant flippin' spacegoat with rock-hard abs. Do you think I got this ripped from sitting around smoking Cinderbloom all day?
Jack: Sorry man I just thought since you were all in to nature you might be kind of hippie like.
Cthulhus: Nah bro. I'm into listening to the elements. This isn't some touchy feel crap. Fire wants me to burn #?*! all the time, Earth is demanding I crush anything that dares defy it, one time Water tried to get me to drown all of Ratchet by busting their plumbing, and air... well air's actually kind of passive I guess nothing much bothers you when you just blow around all day. My point is this $#!^ is violent. We don't have time for hippies.
Jack: Thanks man I appreciate it.

Visinuit(My Druid)
Jack: Heya Vis how've you been?
Visinuit: Yo dude. What's been goin' on man. Want some Cinderbloom *Puff Puff*.
Jack: No thanks man. Just had a quick question for you I was wonder...
Visinuit: ... If I had some extra Cinderbloom? Yeah man sure. I got if from this crazy dude in Hyjal man best stuff around. I'll give you a pouch for like 5g man that should cover what it cost me.
Jack: No really man I'm cool I just needed to ask you a question.
Visinuit: Alright man I'll go down to 4 but that's as low as I can go man.
Jack: No seriously I don't want any! I just want to know if you're a hippie?
Visinuit: Well yeah dude. Haven't you seen me playing hacky-sack over in the Stormwind courtyard?
Jack: Well yeah but I just thought...
Visinuit: It's cool bro... hey you want some of this Cinderbloom.
Jack: #$!%ing #$%!er shut your #$%#ing #$@# before I take my #$@# and #$%@...
Visinuit: Whoa chill man. I get it you don't want any Cinderbloom.
Jack: I knew there was a reason I hadn't finished leveling you... I hate you Vis.
Visinuit: Hey man that's not cool. You gotta like open your mind to the dream and stuff. You know a little Cinderbloom could help you with your anger problem.
Visinuit: Dude man not cool... not cool
Jack: I'm leaving you parked in the Stormwind Canals in deformed manatee form until you get off the bloom you freakin' hippie.

Druids are hippies.

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  1. Nice rendition of what your characters might say. The druid is hilarious! Most shamans may not be hippies but trolls that are shamans are rasta and so are definitely a kind of hippies.


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