Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Ahh valentines day. Valentines day and I have a love/hate relationship. I love to shower my wife with gifts but hate that everyone feels the need to declare a day to be nice to your significant other. Thanks to this blog I can tell the tale of how my wife and I met first in WoW then in RL.

The first time I met my wife I was being a total jack@$$. BC had just dropped and I had  returned to WoW after a long hiatus. My buddy Brian convinced me to move my hunter from the PvP realm Crushridge to the PvE realm Terenas. For those of you who weren't around back in those days if you server transferred to a PvE realm you couldn't transfer back to a PvP realm. After I paid for the transfer and got all situated Brian informed me that he wasn't going to be playing WoW... bastard. He is forgiven though because otherwise I would have never joined the leveling guild where my future wife kept her gnome lock.

She seriously thought I was twelve the first time I talked to her. She was talking to another guildie about how she wanted BC but couldn't afford the expansion yet so I told her to fight babies for money. I stated that you could make lots of money if you bet on yourself and punched the baby's soft spot. I guess she thought it was funny because we started talking regularly after that.

Through our correspondence I found that she was living in the DFW area while I was in Lubbock (about a 5 hour drive) but since I went to DFW every so often we decided to go get drinks sometime. It was to be a friendly outing as she was dating someone at the time. Not too long after I had to go to Ft. Worth on business and asked if she wanted to hang out. I turned out that she had just broken up with her boyfriend so we decided to make it a date type thing.

We went to dinner at Reunion Tower in Dallas and I faced my fear of heights to sit up in the rotating glass ball of doom. After we were seated and started talking I almost forget we were suspended in the air surrounded by glass. It was the best first date I've had and my only regret is not kissing her that first night.

The rest is a story for another time.

Happy Valentines Day My Dear - I love you!

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