Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What makes the game worth $15 per month?

Things are pretty hectic at work this morning so I thought I'd make a quick post and ask you, dear reader, the ultimate question. What makes WoW worth spending $15 every month for you. If you're just in need of an mmo fix there are plenty of other free options that are quality products(LOTRO, DDO etc...). What is it about WoW that has you plopping down your hard earned simoleons every month?

For me there are several reasons. The first and foremost are the friends I've made and relationships I've cultivated through this game. We've actually had guild camp trips and I've met several guildies IRL. I know I may garner some ridicule for it but my wife and I met on WoW. So as you can see the people I know are a large factor in my continued brand loyalty. I think the other main reason I keep sending blizz a chunk o' cash every 30 days is the comfort factor. I know WoW and I'm good at it. I know the ins and outs of most of my characters and never feel "lost". I can try a completely new class and still be okay because the mechanics are similar.

Is WoW the most innovative and fun mmo out there?
Probably not

Is WoW the most cost effective mmo?
Definitely not.

Is WoW an mmo that I will continue to play until the servers are shut down?
Most assuredly.

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