Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Quest for the best... quest.

Things have calmed down a little at work allowing me a few minutes to post what I was thinking about this morning. What would you say is the best quest of the 80-85 content? I explicitly state 80-85 because the worgen quests are awesome and according to the wife the goblin starting area is hilarious. Did you find joy in the briny deeps? Did the Harrison Jones quest line tickle your fancy and your funny bone? Well my favorite was....

... the dwarf wedding. The humor throughout the quest line was just amazing. Also I love dwarves. They just so happen to be my favorite race. It's possible that my fondness for them comes from being close to dwarves in body type and sharing an appreciation for all things brewed.... mmm.... beer. Okay back to the quest line. If you want to pick it up it's on the alliance side about midway through the Twilight Highlands quests. It's not very difficult or complex but it does take a little while to complete. It may have taken me longer than normal due to an insane amount of players levelling through TH at the same time as me.

*Minor Spoiler Alert*

Okay I made it bold, red and underlined so anyone who whines about spoilers now should go run into a brick wall. Back to the point: The quests you get before the wedding are Something Bold, Something Brewed, Something Stolen, and Something Stewed. Bold and stewed have you killing stuff, in stolen you swipe something from a goblin blimp and, of course, something brewed has you making sure the all important ale gets to the wedding party. You also get to write a song for the happy couple and determine whether the bard's wedding album needs a parental advisory sticker or not. I don't want to give too much away so I'll leave it at that. It's a well thought out and well written quest and I recommend everyone complete it. If you're horde... go alliance. We have cookies... y'all have emo-undead kids... scary.


  1. Finished the wedding quest last night ( one of my favs ). I did howevere have trouble finding the Zep for something stolen took a little while but found it.


  2. The dwarf wedding was awesome. I gotta go with the Harrison Jones quests & the dragon quests in Twilight Highlands, though. Those had the most epic scale to 'em. Though I haven't quested much in Deepholm & Vashj'ir yet - been saving that for Maazyc.


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