Thursday, March 24, 2011

WoWless *sadface*

Due to some unforseen circumstances I find myself WoWless for the next week or so. Pulling the needle out unexpectedly has sparked some withdrawal but like a jonesing junking I found my methadone. Here's a list of games I'm currently playing to relieve the twitching.

Two Worlds II
Quite possibly the worst name for a game since Heroes of Might and Magic: Quest For The Dragon Bone Staff this game is a mish mash of failure and epic win. The animations and voice acting are just awful and the story seems to have been written by a 12 year old chimpanzee with a penchant for nonsense. I'm not quite to the midway point of this game but I have to say that after the excruciating introduction/tutorial mission the game opened up and is actually full of fun gameplay. While magery is useless the meele and ranged combat are fun after a little experience and the crafting/alchemy is satisfying. There's a heavy emphasis on loot in the game and that just tickles my Diablo Bone. This game is not worth full price but if you manage to catch a sale it's worth a few bucks.

To put it midly I'm a Tolkien nerd. To be more accurate I'm a huge tolkien nerd with the White Tree tattooed on his right arm... seriously. Since LoTRO became free to play it's kept a constant spot on my hard drive. While WoW is still my mmo of choice I believe, in many ways, LoTRO surpasses it. I find the gameplay and the environments richer, the music system entertaining and the crafting delightful (There's nothing like growing fields of beautiful pipeweed.). Since it costs nothing to get started and the free gameplay is enough to keep you entertained for a long time this is worth a look. If you're a Tolkien supernerd it's even more worth it.

Starcraft II
Last night I booted up SCII for the first time in several months and a few WoW friends who have my Real ID saw me. We chatted for a bit then they ditched WoW for a couple of cooperative matches. I've written before about my SC addiction and man it's still there. Whether it be throwing wave after wave of zerglings into the hungry maw of a protoss player or blasting through the swarm with the help of Thor and a few marines this game never gets old for me. The fact that I can also keep up with my guild via Real ID is another boon. Why can't I quit you Siege Tank?

Dawn of War II
The original space marines. DoWII is such a good strategy game it makes my head hurt. The multiplayer is awesome, the survival battles amazing and the campaigns are just sublime. The combat in multiplayer and in single player feels fast paced and tactically satisfying. The cover mechanics for the game are amazing and each race brings something unique to the table while remaining blanced.

My wife still hasn't figured out why I'll occasionally yell "Strike from the sky brothers!" while playing it. Explaining that I commanded Sergeant Thaddeus to jump on top of some filthy greenskins and saw them in half with chainswords would just make me sound crazy...

I first played this game back in early High School. I found a bundle of all x-com games on Steam a while back for dirt cheap. Spinning up the Skyranger and taking down some sectoids is still as fun as it ever was. This game is so well made that nearly 20 years later it's still fun. If you've never played this gem spend 3 bucks on steam and get it.

That's about it for the games I've been using to trim down the DTs. Hopefully next week I'll be back in azeroth and raiding again but until then my replacement therapy is doing the trick.

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