Thursday, February 10, 2011

Help Me Help You!

Having run a resto shaman for several years now I thought I'd write a little article about things that help us to help you. Each healer in wow is different and there are a few things you can do to help us keep your butt alive.
There are a few behaviors that help every healer no matter the class.
  • STAY OUT OF THE $#@%ing Fire! - If there is an ability that damages you but is avoidable... avoid it! Staying out of the fire isn't just about moving out of AoE that mobs put down. It's about avoiding every last scrap of damage you can.
  • Interrupt the Interruptable - There are so many abilities on bosses and on trash that can be interrupted. Interrupt everything you can unless you have to save your interrupt for a specific ability. The more you interrupt the less mana I spend and the greater chances you have of not faceplanting.
  • Stay in LoS - If we can't see you we can't heal you. Staying in LoS and keeping track of your healer's location isn't hard. We do understand that sometimes you have to go out of LoS or range to perform some task vital to the encounter. Let us know before hand so we can pop a hot on you and do our best to keep you up.
There are also a few specifics for shaman
  • 12.5 Yards! - What's this mean? 12.5 Yards is the maximum distance our chain heal can bounce. If fight mechanics allow for it try to stay this close to your party/raid mates. A 2 bounce chain heal isn't worth it but with the recent buff to chain heal a 3-4 bouncer is totally worth it.
  • Look at the Totems - Watch where we plop these puppies down. Most have a circular 30-40yd range depending on the totem. If you're not close enough to them you don't get the buff. The most important one to be close to is Healing Stream totem as it gives you a constant tick of health every 5 seconds and, if glyphed, provides spell resistance. For spellcasters you want to be close when we drop Mana Tide Totem. It increases your spirit by 400% of the casting shaman's spirit. Nom Nom.
  • Sweet Sweet Rain - Healing rain is our AoE heal. It shows up on the ground as a big blue circle. Fortunately it just got a buff to its size but it's still something you need to stand in. I've seen people on the brink of death standing just outside its radius. That damn spell costs 11k mana. Stand in it. Now.
  • Talk to me Goose - We've got a whole bunch of totems that do different stuff. If you need a buff let us know and chances are we can help out.
These are a few things that can help your friendly neighborhood resto shammy. Anyone have any others?

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