Friday, January 14, 2011

Your Tank

Tanks. You have to love 'em. The metal (or fur) covered stalwarts that stand between you and a big pile of nasty. I just wanted to take this opportunity and to give any readers an opportunity to say thanks to their favorite tank for keeping our collective butts safe from harm.
During the last part of BC and the first portion of Wrath I made my living as a Bear and DK tank respectively and I really don't think people realize amount of work a good tank puts in to the game. They are such a crucial part of any 5-Man or raid that in order to be successful they have put in extra effort. A good tank is usually well geared, enchanted, gemmed, and knowledgeable.

If a dps isn't 100% on their game then their numbers are a little lower but it's not that big a deal. If a tank has an off day the party dies. Aside from the extra time it takes to prep a tank they have to deal with the stress of always being near perfect. I won't ramble on about the difficulties tanks face but I want to stress to you how important it is to appreciate your tank. So /hug your tank today, you'll be glad you did.

Today I send a big /salute to Toshizo, the best tank a Shaman could ask for.  


  1. Thanks Jack, the healer/tank relationship is probably the strongest bond in WoW. The trust required and built over many a raid lets me do my job(tankster) without the worry in the back of my mind of my survivability. He IS going to keep me alive so I can just concentrate on my job----being hit in the face by countless mobs and bosses while we clear content. I'd like to thank you Jack for healing these years in WoW, especially now with the mana nerfs and totally revamped healing. I hear of the pug mindset "if we wipe it's the healers fault" and the boot from an instance. Never mind that the dps stood in "stupid" and died, the tank never interrupted the crucialy devistating boss spell(err, dps can interrupt also...cough,cough). Since my first bummer of a pug in Scarlet Monestary I have truely hated pugs. Some have been good really, some have been teri-bad. So I run with my guildies less drama and no booting players from the instance. The new 5-mans are challenging and the learning curve is different for each player. I am enjoying myself in these new instances CC is back and so is LOS. Careful, methodical death and destruction is my favorite way to play. So again another wall of text, sorry for the tl;dr folks. Cliff notes--Jacks is an awesome healer too.

  2. Oh, so Seric's just chopped liver, huh? >:|

    I do agree, though. Pugs are the worst, but I've put up with 'em more than just about anyone I know for the last 4 years because I'm that much of a glutton for punishment, hahaha. If there's one good thing about pugs, though, it's this: nothing will prepare you more for the absolute worst clustereffs that WoW can offer like a bunch of really bad heroics and raids with people you don't know who are, in all likelihood, scapegoat-loving morons. It's why, whether I'm tanking on Seric or healing on Maazyc, I'm generally the one person who not only can handle a massively chaotic pull-gone-wrong, but thrives on it ^_^

  3. No no... chopped liver can at least absorb some damage. Just for you readers who may not know Robert and Daryl are both tanks in my guild. Toshizo(Daryl) is an awesome tank who always gets the job done. Robert(Seric) is a tank who thinks he's awesome (He's like that one guy from Kung Pow: Enter the Fist... Wimp Lo.) but somehow manages to get to the end of an instance anyway. Just some quick background info for the rest of the readership.


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